Average Horse Jockey Salary The World 2022

Warta-online.comAverage Horse Jockey Salary – Horse racing becomes exciting and glamorous nowadays, but do jockeys get paid well? The fact is likely not prevailing for horse jockeys. Just if you’re curious on the average horse jockey salary, here we have the clues.

After reading this article you will get the idea on what jockeys earn in Australia. Also, you can learn what jockeys do to make money. 

A glance of summary related to their job requirements, skills, settings and outlook will also be explained within

Average Horse Jockey Salary

On average, horse jockeys in America make $52,737 a year. Their salary is based on the class level of the race they are competing in, how many races they compete in, and what place they take in the race. A jockey can earn anywhere from just $28 to $184,000 or more per race.

Horse Jockeys Definition

Horse jockey or shortly called jockeys are persons who race horses for a profession. They are greatly trained professional riders and trainers who often ride horses in local or international competitions.

Basic Responsibilities

A jockey is charged to be conversant with horses they are going to ride on a steady basis. Therefore, they will be contracted with the employers for training or riding horses. Some employers usually require a horse jockey to ride at least the horses per day.

They should also learn the strengths and weaknesses of horses they ride. Another part of training includes specialty mastery on racing techniques. 

A jockey should be well trained to perform various racing types including jump race, steeplechase and thoroughbred race.

The following is the basic responsibility of a jockey.

  • Riding racehorse at circuit.
  • Consulting with horse trainers to design strategy for any kind of racehorse’s competition.
  • Stepping into the horse saddling paddock after weighing and then riding horse to a certain number stand of the starting gateway.
  • Following trainers’ instructions while racing.
  • Racing horses from the starting gateway to the finish line.
  • Talking and discussing to horse trainers to analyze the performance.
  • Sustaining riding tools and equipment that include saddleback, head covering, boot, span, belts, goggles, or riding pants.

Job Requirements

There is no academic requirement to be employed as a horse jockey. Yet, an apprenticeship under the supervision of professional trainers is important. Such a program is open for all candidates who are more than 18 years old.

This apprenticeship program helps prepare candidates for schooling and learning about the racing rules and systems. 

A schooling race is done to train candidates as well as to get a formal license needed for participating in horse competition.

Skills in horse race strategy and plans are important. This can be done by collaborating with racehorse trainers.

Fulfilling weight is a must requirement. A horse jockey must be small, having about 5 feet in height with 100 to 150 pounds. Another requirement is being athletic and having excellent physical condition.  

Setting Employment

Horse jockeys are usually self-employed professionals. Generally, horse trainers or owners will ask for them to race the horses and then get paid. 

Horse jockeys can also get money from being hired by racehorse holders and winning a horse race competition.

Most candidates start the career by working for horse owners or trainers. If a license of apprenticeship is attained, they can directly participate in racing events.

Career Outlook

Jockey can be very rewarding for those who are experienced and disciplined. A professional jockey even has greater opportunities to participate in race events. 

By then, of course they also make more money. In addition, a jockey can increase income by training apprentices.

Riding a horse is a pleasure for some people, but for jockeys it’s an income source. The average horse jockey salary may not be content, but it is still a rewarding job for some reasons.

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